I help companies craft their message and find their place in the market by providing tools to uncover forgotten gems and polish new ones. Working behind-the-scenes, I'm a team player who loves to fill in wherever there is need. As a spokesperson, I'm comfortable taking centerstage.

Passionate about tactile experiences, a wide range of products and services, and the people who make them, I merge those passions into stories of quality.

You can read earlier posts for All Plaidout right here, and follow this link past the age-gate to read about all the hardworking folks I met in my travels with Basil Hayden's® Bourbon. I've worked in design, production, retail and wholesale for clothing companies large and small. I've worked as advertiser and as a traveling salesman. I co-hosted Made Right Here, a show about the people who make things in America. I co-owned Buckshot Sonny's, the kind of store your grandfather would've taken your father featuring new and vintage clothing and sporting goods.