My LinkedIn profile will tell you that I am trained as a writer and work as a brand strategist. I've spent my career helping brands to craft their message and find their market placement, providing existing brands tools to better tell their stories by helping them to uncover the forgotten gems or to polish the new ones. My experience working for apparel brands behind-the-scenes makes me a great team player who loves to fill in wherever there is need. As a brand evangelist, I'm comfortable taking centerstage. I am passionate about tactile experiences, a wide range of products and services, and the people who make them. I possess a unique ability to match the communication styles of any audience. Throughout my career, I've been able to make previously unseen connections among people, places, and things, merging broadened interests into a singular message, one of quality. 

You can read my earlier posts for All Plaidout right here, and follow this link to read about all the hardworking folks I met in my travels with Basil Hayden's® Bourbon. I've worked in design, production, retail and wholesale for clothing companies large and small. I've worked as advertiser and as a traveling salesman. I co-hosted Made Right Here, a show about the people who make things in America. I co-owned Buckshot Sonny's, an online store featuring new and vintage clothing and sporting goods which we referred to as the kind of store your grandfather would've taken your father.




Barneys New York

Basil Hayden's


Bow Truss Coffee

Brooks Brothers

Filson (1234)

Gitman Bros.

Graduate Hotels

Hamilton Shirts

J. Crew

L.L. Bean

Longman & Eagle

Neiman Marcus

Oxxford Clothes

Polo Ralph Lauren


Saks Fifth Avenue

Sleepy Jones


Stock Mfg. Co.

Taylor Stitch


Warby Parker

Winter Session