Basil Hayden's

From 2012 to 2016 I was the spokesperson for this internationally-sold bourbon. I operated as its chief storyteller, content creator, and was given the moniker of “cultural bloodhound.”

My responsibilities:
• Structured brand strategy around client’s desire to connect cocktails and craftspeople.

• Created all social calendars and content strategies.

• Facilitated the operations and upkeep of our channels on a daily basis.

• Developed a network of influencers around specific targets for the marketplace.

• Strategically developed techniques to digitally and experientially motivate our consumers.

• Collaborated across departments and with a large inter-agency team to coordinate our efforts.

• Handled a multi-national spirits brand's highly secured legal approvals process.

• Wrote and photographed over 330 blog and 1,500 social media posts of original content.

• Built social media following from zero to 90,000 users across platforms.


Quoddy Shoes

Greta de Parry Furniture

Produced co-branded shoes and rocks glasses in Maine and bar carts in Chicago.

Landmark Theaters


Hosted Landmark Theater commercials and YouTube series featuring makers and bartenders.

Max Wastler at Imogene + Willie for AV Club This Is My Nashville.jpg


Planned and hosted national events alongside 60 local makers, garnering 300,000 impressions.