Photo by  Carolina Mariana

In 2008 I started a blog called All Plaidout to share stories behind the classic things men wear and use every day. The name emerged from a trip to my parents' home in Saint Louis, Missouri. While flipping through old photo albums, I noticed that as a family we wore a lot of Black Watch Plaid.

The story of the tartans was precisely the kind of tale I was hoping to tell with All Plaidout: initially designed to decipher among Scotland's many clans, the Black Watch tartan was later adopted by a special task force assigned to fight the rustlers stealing the valuable black cattle of the Highlands (hence the "Black Watch"). The classic pattern has since been adopted by stylish people the world over, my family among them.

You won't find stories here about what's trendy. You will find stories of the tried and true, the sturdy and well-made, and yes, the played out. To learn more about me, visit my Work page